Enabling Blind Students to Effortlessly Excel in Mathematics is a groundbreaking web application designed to break down the barriers in math education for blind students. With our intuitive interface and advanced technology, we transform complex mathematical expressions and formulas into accessible format and interface creating learning experiences.

Bridging the Gap in Math Education consists of two component. one is to convert a pdf/image file to an accessable  word .docx file that will save tonnes of time of teachers and educators and aid trying to produce an accessable file for a blind student. this can be done by taking a picture of a paper book of math problems and convert to .docx file. 

the second component of software is what helps a blind student visualize complex expressions and formulas that include advanced calculus concepts such as limits, integrals and matrices.

Understanding the Challenges addresses the unique challenges blind students face in learning mathematics, providing accessible tools to transform and empower their educational experience.

  1. Visual Complexity: Navigating visually-based math content.
  2. Complex Expressions: Understanding intricate math expressions.
  3. Limited Resources: Scarcity of specialized learning materials.
  4. Transcription Delays: Slow traditional Braille conversion.
  5. Learning Isolation: Exclusion in mainstream math education.
  6. Career Limitations: Restricted STEM field access.
  7. Lack of Tools: Few specialized educational tools.
  8. Peer Interaction: Challenges in collaborative learning.
  9. Test Accessibility: Difficulty with math tests.
  10. Confidence Issues: Overcoming educational confidence barriers.

How to Use simplifies math for blind students in three steps: Sign up for access, upload PDFs or images of math content, and receive accessible, screen reader-friendly output.

SignUp(Get Link)/Login

Start by registering with your first name, last name, and email address. A unique access link will be sent to your email, which you'll use for future logins to

Upload PDF/Image

After logging in using your access link, you can upload PDFs or images of mathematical documents. This functionality enables the conversion of traditional math content into a format accessible for screen readers.

Get Output

Once your documents are uploaded, processes them, transforming the content into an accessible format. You’ll receive the output optimized for screen readers, allowing blind students to effectively understand and engage with the mathematical material.

Key Features of

  1. Math Editor for Accessibility: Tailored for blind students, this editor makes complex math content accessible and easy to navigate.

  2. JAWS: Combines with JAWS screen reader to vocalize mathematical expressions for better understanding.

  3. Image to Text Conversion: Converts math document images into accessible, screen reader-friendly text formats.

Meet Our Leadership

Saeed Golnabi

CEO & Founder

Iman Rahmatizadeh

Technical Lead

MohammadReza Razzaghi

Senior AI Developer

Mohsen Aboutalebi

Senior Backedn Developer

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